Guide on doing research or evaluations with children or young people

Brady and Graham ( 2018) Conducting social research or evaluation with children or young people, Policy Press, Bristol.

This indispensable guide, covers all the ethical, methodological, theoretical and practical basics, in a user-friendly way. It is based on and supplements the popular course for the Social Research Association, which we have run for many years.

Partly because of this, the guide provides plenty of practical suggestions. As well as providing guidance on ethical issues, such as informed consent and confidentiality, it discusses how to choose the best methods for the research and the children and young people concerned, including creative methods.

It is designed for those who have some research or evaluation experience, but need to know how to apply that to younger participants – e.g. informed consent. There is also a chapter on involving young people – as joint or co- researchers, to whatever extent works for the project and them.  

Chapter 4 on ethical considerations also demonstrates both the theoretical and practical complexities of this key aspect of research with children… in a very comprehensive and accessible way, with useful examples and summarised key points. Chapter 5 on designing appropriate methods … is equally comprehensive and accessible, yet ensures that the intricacies are not overlooked. …this text serves well its purpose in introducing some of the complexities in undertaking research with children, and placing these within a clear understanding of why this is both the right and the beneficial thing to do

Ruth Sinclair, Review in Childcare in Practice, Volume 25, 2019 – Issue 4