Literature reviews

  • A review of young people’s use of online information and advice on money matters, for MaPS, 2021. Read a summary of the key findings here and the full report here.
  • A review of the deployment of volunteers to support families, for NSPCC, 2021. Read a summary here, or the full report here or listen to our podcast here.
  • A review for Action for Children (2020) to explore the evidence around early help, gaps in same, and its reported merits. Read summary here
  • Examination of what drives the continuous disproportionate exclusion from English schools of certain groups, not least Black Caribbean boys, Gypsy Roma and Traveller children, pupils with special needs and those on free school meals. This fed into the wider review by Edward Timpson CBE. Read the summary or the full report (2019)

My research and evaluation projects often involve a rapid literature review to set the context and ensure we build on, rather than duplicate, existing knowledge.