Although the benefits of independent evaluation are widely accepted, it is, nonetheless, often perceived as a distraction from the real work.

For that and multiple other reasons, I design my evaluations to be useful and meaningful; work very closely with agencies to design methods, tools and questions to match needs and contexts; and ensure proportionality to circumstances and budgets.

My evaluations generate learning and insight for organisations, staff, service users and funders.

I also support agencies to enhance their own data collection and internal evaluation methods.


We really benefited from engaging Berni early on … This ensured that all the necessary evaluation tools were put in place at the start of the project. Berni was quick to understand our needs; she was organised, efficient and collaborative in her approach. Berni’s in-depth qualitative interviews gave us a better understanding of the multifaceted impact of our service, and the case studies she wrote brought the project to life and illustrated the nature of Contact’s work to prospective funders and the general public”

Silvia Laraia, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager Contact



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